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We are the MMH Michael & Michael Hand Made team known for our social media. We invent, draw and bring to life our designs that sometimes push the boundaries of imagination. We constantly strive for perfection in what we do, which is to make the impossible even more possible.

Michał Znosko

As a co-creator of projects, I try to make sure that all our creations are always perfected in every detail. As a man full of passion, I do my best to finish every project until it brings a smile to the face of the person for whom it was prepared.

Michał Marciszak

It is a challenge to write about myself because the more interesting life is the more thoughts in my head" The biggest challenge for me is to create a project that will bring a smile of satisfaction to your face. Unconventional look at the reality combined with a consistent pursuit of the goal. This is my recipe for success and your successful project.


I am the one responsible for making sure every order ends up in the hands of a happy buyer, I draw and paint the vision, mission and goals of our actions. As a person responsible for the brand I make sure that every person who has contact with MMhandsmade gets what they deserve, that is service and design at the highest level.

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